Transportation Solutions

Build data-driven transportation systems using the most accurate data on the market.
Do you need to know travel patterns of residents, workers, and visitors in your region? Or, do you need to determine where new transit stations should be located? There are so many questions that your team needs to answer, but where can you get data to make better informed decisions for your projects? Welcome to the world of AirSage location data - we’re here for you.

AirSage has been providing transportation insights to planners, engineers, and other professionals for more than 20 years. Our solutions team is composed of transportation and urban planners. We’ve been in your shoes before, and we’re here to help. Some of your projects might be routine, whereas others are complex and require the skilled advising that our team can offer.

How we've helped our clients

AirSage has helped provide transportation clients with location data for projects including:

Origin-Destination (O-D) Studies
Travel Demand Models (input, calibration, and validation)
Transit Studies
Corridor Studies
Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Planning
Emergency Management

Transportation Products

AirSage’s product line provides the most comprehensive and accurate insights on how populations move around cities, regions, states, and nationwide.
Output is based on a custom zonal structure, often aligned with the region’s TAZ structure. Users have maximum control over customization to evaluate:
 -Specific days and groups of days
-Trip purpose
-Cross visitation
-Residency classes
-Home locations 
Connected vehicle (CV) and location-based services (LBS) data help transportation professionals understand detailed movements of vehicles and people. Output includes but is not limited to:

Vehicle location, heading, acceleration, and speed
Hard braking and wiper usage
Drive train (i.e., gasoline/diesel fuel or electric vehicle)
Path of travel throughout the day
Home location (County, Tract, or Block Group level)

Output is based on a census block group zonal structure at the countywide level. Trips represent typical conditions and include average conditions for weekdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for a specific month (January 2019 onward). Trips are categorized by:

-Origin, home, and destination zones
-Day aggregation (weekday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
-Trip purpose (9 classifications among home, work, and other)
-Time of day (hourly intervals)

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