AirSage location-based services data highly accurate despite market changes 

ATLANTA, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- 
AirSage, Inc. reaffirms the continued accuracy and reliability of its location-based services (LBS) data, despite recent market changes that have impacted data availability. While skepticism surrounding LBS data for transportation planning applications has surfaced, AirSage continues to offer high-quality output that proves its value for various transportation planning purposes, including trip matrices that present origin and destination pairs of trips made in a specified study area.

In a recent study, AirSage examined three different locations of highway closures:

I-95 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I-15 in Las Vegas, Nevada
I-90 in Schaumburg, Illinois

AirSage compared typical traffic conditions with post-crash event conditions using its cleansed data panel. The results showed expected outcomes to the crash events with zero outliers, proving the reliability and precision of AirSage's LBS data.

What sets AirSage apart is its unparalleled expertise in data sourcing and technical capabilities. While other companies in the transportation data industry have access to similar LBS data providers, AirSage distinguishes itself by employing unique deduplication and data cleansing methods. This rigorous process ensures that all data unsuitable for transportation planning is removed, resulting in the highest level of accuracy and data quality.

Jonathan Silverberg, CTO & Co-President of AirSage, commented on the study, saying, "Our commitment to providing accurate and reliable LBS data remains unwavering, despite market changes. AirSage's expertise in data cleansing enables us to deliver the most accurate data for transportation planning applications."

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December 20, 2023
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