AirSage, Inc. supports recipients of Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) grants with custom insights

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, August 29, 2023/ -- In October, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) will announce the recipients of the FY23 SS4A Planning and Demonstration Grant. Following shortly after, the Implementation Grant award decisions will be revealed. The USDOT has urged grant respondents to harness the power of data to identify safety concerns and propose effective solutions. In response, AirSage is supporting recipients with its unparalleled custom insights derived from vehicle and mobile device data.

AirSage, a leading provider of mobility data, sources, processes, and summarizes mobility data ideally suited to support the identification of locations for safety projects, especially as supported under the SS4A program.

AirSage provides mobility data obtained from connected vehicles and mobile devices (i.e., smartphones) to highlight where and when people are moving around or through a study area. These insights include vehicle trip insights to highlight individual vehicle speeds and even accounts of notable safety events (i.e., harsh braking and harsh acceleration). AirSage can also highlight trip patterns observed from mobile device location-based services (LBS) data.

Specifically for SS4A, AirSage can provide government agencies and consulting firms with the data to:

- Identify hot spots of near-miss crashes that necessitate design changes
- Pinpoint corridors with excessive vehicle speeding that require speed management
- Highlight areas with a high concentration of short distance trips that could be captured by walk, bike, low-speed vehicles, and other modes
- View trips made by residents of underserved communities to ensure inclusive and representative processes

Robert Kohler, PTP of AirSage, states: “AirSage is excited to support our clients by providing industry leading insights to highlight locations for safety improvements in SS4A Action Plans. The latest in mobility data technologies allows AirSage to leverage vehicle and mobile device insights so that our clients can identify locations of high-risk areas where projects should be considered."

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August 29, 2023
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