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Here at AirSage we are dedicated to serving the newest, most innovative location data solutions in the market and pride ourselves on having the most advanced capabilities in the industry. We can answer questions like:

How do trip patterns change throughout the day - or on a day-to-day, weekly, or monthly basis?

How many people make trips between each traffic analysis zone (TAZ) in a metropolitan area?

How do motorists interact with the roadways in a study area? What are vehicle speeds on a link-level basis?

What are routes that motorists take to get between origins and destinations?

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  • Trip Matrix

    Gain access to the largest and most accurate origin-destination (O-D) trip matrix output in the market. 

    Rich O-D data

    Nine different classifications for trip purpose

    Best-in-class Accuracy

    Unique counts for extrapolated person trips

    Time Aggregation

    Identify trips at hourly, daily or any other custom intervals

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  • Waypoint Data

    Understand detailed movements of vehicles and people.

    Optimized for transportation planning

    AirSage carefully sources and cleanses the data to meet the needs of transportation planners.

    Additional attributes

    Datasets include attributes that are above the standard raw GPS elements.

    Flexible data output

    Data packaged in standard file format so you can easily process, filter, and visualize output in various platforms

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  • Activity Density

    Analyze movement of anonymous mobile devices, based on grid area(s)

    Unique Device Count

    Study event impact in an area or general population movement and density

    Precise Aggregation & Visualization

    Aggregated output in 10-100-1000 meter grids

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  • HOV Lane Speed Data

    Track HOV lane speeds. AirSage is the first mobility provider to assign speeds to lanes with more than 95% accuracy. 

    Historical Data

    Observe HOV lane speed data over time to compare peak and non-peak periods daily, monthly, and annually.

    Data for Entire Corridor

    Analyze HOV lane speeds for the entire corridor rather than only detector locations.

    Easy Compliance Reporting

    Receive metrics required for HOV compliance reporting (with < 1% error): percent of periods that average vehicle speed is ≥45 mph over 180 day period.

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