Trip Matrix

AirSage offers two class-leading options for trip matrix (TM) output. AirSage has long been known as the provider of the largest and most accurate origin-destination (O-D) trip matrix output available. We offer clients our flagship, custom trip matrix output, as well as access to AirSage’s Nationwide Trip Matrix (NWTM).

AirSage trip matrices provide estimates of person trips that occur between origins and destinations – both between and within zones in the output. 

Custom trip matrix output utilizes a user’s custom zonal structure. One application of custom trip matrix output allows transportation planners to work with a trip matrix at the same zonal structure as a Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO’s) traffic analysis zone (TAZ) structure for a travel demand model (TDM). AirSage also offers a unique pre-processed trip matrix output, accounting for a monthly snapshot of trips occurring on a national scale. Nationwide Trip Matrix (NWTM) provides predefined output elements, while users can select specific details with custom trip matrix output. Although NWTM output is comprehensive, it can be a laborious effort for a user to disaggregate the output into a different zonal structure. Thus, census block group zonal structure should readily work for your project if you plan to use NWTM; otherwise, custom trip matrix output should be your choice. 

It is critical to remember that only trips with both an origin and a destination in the study area will be included in trip matrix output. Therefore, the output cannot include impacts of trips that begin outside of the study area and end within the study area, or vice-versa. Data is provided in CSV file format and users typically use this data in GIS and mapping tools, spreadsheets, and programs such as Tableau and Power BI.

The following presents details of both of AirSage’s trip matrix offerings:

Custom Trip Matrix

Output is based on a custom zonal structure, often aligned with the region’s TAZ structure. Users have maximum control over customization to evaluate specific days and groups of days, trip purposes, residency classes, and home locations of trip makers. A screenshot of the sample output is provided below:
Custom Trip Matrix Sample

Nationwide Trip Matrix (NWTM)

Output is based on a census block group zonal structure at the countywide level. Trips represent typical conditions and include average conditions for weekdays (Monday-Thursday), Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays for a specific month (January 2019 onward). Trips are categorized by origin zone, destination zone, and home location zone; day aggregation (weekday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday); trip purpose (9 classifications among home, work, and other); and time of day (at hourly intervals). A screenshot of sample output is provided below:
Austin Sample
Although the majority of AirSage’s transportation clients find trip matrix output to be helpful, we also have a host of other solutions that will help your team answer the population movement questions you have. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss how AirSage location data will help you out on your next project.
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