January 9, 2022

3 Tips for Getting Started With Location Intelligence

People start using a location intelligence solution for a variety of reasons. But they always have one thing in common; they want to gain new visitation insights and learn more about the people visiting their markets. If you've been trying to get started with a location intelligence platform, this short read is for you. We'll cover three essential steps to help you see the value of location intelligence as soon as possible.

Define Your Goals

What challenges are you hoping to overcome? What new insights do you wish to uncover? What problems do you want to address? What do you want to know that you don't already know? Before getting started with location intelligence, it's essential to sit down and ask yourself questions such as these. Defining your goals and determining your unique use cases, will provide your organization with more clarity into how you can use location intelligence and apply the insights you uncover.

Brush up on the Basics

Just like you take some time to read the instructions when downloading a new app or assembling furniture, taking the time to "read the instructions" of a location intelligence platform is incredibly important when first starting. By diving into the basics of location intelligence, you can equip yourself with a better understanding of how location-driven data is collected, analyzed, and used. Fortunately, AirSage also provides some video tutorials to help you advance quickly.

Start Thinking Spatially

You've defined your goals and brushed up on the basics; now it's time to start thinking about the relationship between your organization and location. What importance does location play for your business? How about for yourself? When thinking about the world in the context of geolocation data, you will begin to understand the importance of "place" in our everyday lives and how it impacts your customers. This newly gained knowledge will help you dive right into the world of location intelligence and provide you with the right mindset for understanding location data.


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