July 28, 2022

Understanding Footfall Analysis

Footfall is defined as the number of people or traffic entering a commercial site, sporting venue, or property. It is an important indicator of how effective a company's marketing is at bringing in customers. Understanding footfall also allows you to calculate other important metrics such as conversion rates and average transaction value, as well as determine demand and staffing levels.

In this blog post, we will learn about footfall analysis in detail. So, let’s get started.

What Exactly is Footfall Analysis?

It is critical to have a method of measuring and analyzing footfall in order to increase sales and ultimately, profit. Footfall analysis, at its most basic, involves counting the number of people who visit your store. The traditional method was for an employee to stand at the entrance with a customer counter—a manual clicker used to keep track of the number of store visitors.

Newer systems employ video cameras, thermal imaging, and facial profiling to assist retailers in better understanding how customers move around their stores. With hourly analysis, you can capture the flow of potential customers and identify customer buying behavior and trends.

Importance of Footfall Analysis

Footfall analysis is a big business, but not many people in the market focus on getting people to come into stores.

To get more people to come into your store, you must first find potential customers. To do this, you must think about the following things:

●      Enhance your online visibility.

●      Conduct local advertising campaigns

●      Enhance your visual identity

●      Spend money on brand awareness.

You should also consider what customers will do after they leave your property or commercial setting, so don't overlook the after-sales experience. Customers may leave online reviews, post pictures of your store or products on social media, or share their experiences with you. Knowing what your customers do after they leave your store should be part of your reputation management strategy.

If you want to collect accurate data in addition to the number of individuals who visit your store, you will need to invest in new technology so that manual counting is no longer necessary. The technology you choose will be determined by the size of your store, its layout, the number and size of entrances, windows, and overall aesthetics.

AirSage Footfall Analysis Tool

AirSage footfall analysis tool estimates visitor counts based on the population of origin. Extrapolate your competitors' visitor counts and demographics. Our commercial property footfall is great for deciding where to put a business, getting information about a property, and planning sports venues.

●      With custom-drawn POIs, this self-serve application produces results in minutes rather than weeks.

●      Not just raw device counts, but also visitor origin and estimated counts

●      Visit frequency, duration, and visitor profile

The tool includes the following features: Point Type Filter, Study Time Period, Visitor Origin, Self-Service Reporting, Frequency, and Duration from home or work. This UI shows your estimated income distribution, age of visitors, and gender broken down by points of interest.

If you are looking for more information about the AirSage Footfall analysis tool, get in touch with us today!

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