November 7, 2023

Transportation Safety Planning: Unleash the Power of AirSage's Data Insights


Transportation safety planning is critical for all entities tasked with the design, operations, and maintenance of roadways. As transportation network connectivity continues to improve, and new datasets become more available, evaluation metrics have evolved and permit planners and engineers to go further than ever before – thus having a significantly greater impact on improving safety for all roadway users. With AirSage’s mobility data offerings, organizations can improve their safety planning capabilities, enhance reliability of their analyses, and achieve their safety goals.

Benefits of Incorporating AirSage Data into Safety Planning
There are many benefits of utilizing AirSage’s industry leading data in safety planning.

  1. Improve Predictability of Safety Performance Functions (SPFs)
    AirSage’s expertise in data sourcing allows them to provide the most appropriate mobility data for identifying specific locations to propose road safety projects. Using AirSage data improves the predictability of SPFs and helps meet safety goals.
  2. Location-Based Safety Insights
    AirSage provides historical and near real-time insights on areas where road design changes should be considered. This helps highlight crash-prone locations so transportation planners can propose specific countermeasures for consideration.
  3. Enhance Behavior-Based Management
    AirSage data reveal locations with high concentrations of short-distance trips that could be conducted by walking, biking, or other non-auto modes.
  4. Ensure Inclusivity and Representativeness
    AirSage’s location-based services (LBS) data can be used to identify locations of trips that are conducted by members of underserved communities, helping to foster inclusive and representative safety planning development processes

Case Study: How CIMA+ Augmented a Regional Safety Plan
Soroush Salek, Director of Traffic Engineering at CIMA+ states: "AirSage connected vehicle data provided us with an opportunity to create a fourth list of priority locations, and we used that information in the development of the action plan to identify locations where certain countermeasures could be incorporated."

In conclusion, transportation safety planning is an essential element for entities responsible for the management and design of transportation networks. Conventional planning methods are becoming outdated, and new datasets that can underpin these studies are readily available. AirSage provides clients with the necessary insights required to significantly improve their transportation safety planning work. By utilizing connected vehicle and location-based services data, AirSage’s clients can identify crash-prone areas, assess traffic patterns in near real-time, and improve their decision-making capabilities with accurate data and insights.

To learn more about AirSage's data solutions for safety planning, visit their website here.

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