February 26, 2022

5 Essential Rules of Location Data

Thanks to the technological advances made in mobile phones, and the millions of applications accessible on these devices, AirSage has seen a significant rise in the widespread use of location data over the past fifteen years.

Marketers throughout every industry can leverage this form of business intelligence to tackle countless problems related to identifying and targeting their ideal target audiences. However, as is the case when using any form of consumer data, it’s important for all marketers to remember and practice the basic principles that guide the successful and safe use of location intelligence.

Based on AirSage’s 20 years of experience working within the world of location intelligence, we are offering up the following top five rules every brand, marketer, or company working with location data should adhere t0o.


Always Put Privacy First 

Protecting user privacy and data is key when it comes to implementing a location intelligence solution into your marketing strategy. Marketers should ensure that protecting data privacy is at the forefront of any and every use case they have with location data.


Be Transparent 

Continuing the theme of protecting user privacy, AirSage advises all marketers bringing location intelligence into their marketing strategy to be transparent with all of their users. Show clearly and honestly how you use data, where it is stored, and how it brings an added value to their experiences with your brand.


Don’t Stop at Sociodemographic Attributes 

Sure, attributes like gender, age, income, and profession are important to marketers hoping to gain more insight into the behavior trends of their target audiences. However, smart marketers and location intelligence users know to not stop at basic demographics. A user’s census class level neighborhood, typical hangout spots, favorite sports venues, and daily commute provide a much clearer picture of their needs and unique buying personas.


Don’t Lose Sight of Your Existing Markets

Location intelligence allows marketers to discover new opportunities in markets they may have previously overlooked. It’s important for marketers to remember to not lose sight of their primary markets while they’re out conquering new ones. Fortunately, location intelligence allows users to keep an eye on existing markets and their consumers within them, while they discover new opportunities.


Customize for Different Segments

Utilize the important information you obtain regarding your different consumer segments and tailor your messages to appeal to these different segments. Segmentation is very important in today’s digital world, as customers respond better when messages feel more personalized to their needs, wants, and tastes.

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