January 17, 2022

Myths About Location Intelligence

Location intelligence is proving to be an incredibly useful tool for marketers, businesses, and brands looking to advance their market research. As with all new technology, there are several myths surrounding this innovation that leave some feeling weary or unsure if it's right for them.


As long-time members of the location intelligence industry, our team is no stranger to these myths and misconceptions. Here are the four most common "myths" we often hear.


Myth One: "Location Intelligence Is Only For Specialists"


The most common misconception surrounding location intelligence and geolocation-based technologies are only for experts. Due to its seemingly complex nature, many often believe that location intelligence requires big data processing or a highly technical team to interpret results.


However, this is far from the truth. Location intelligence tools, like the AirSage applications are more user-friendly than ever before. While our application’s processing is based on Big Location Data and advanced analytics, its output includes visual dashboards with concise, meaningful metrics like the number of visitors to a market. These visuals make interpreting and understanding location-based insights easier than ever.


Myth Two: Only Large Corporations Can Afford Location Intelligence Data


Price is always a source of apprehension when it comes to trying out new technology. Due to its advanced analytical nature, many often associate location intelligence with a costly price tag that only big businesses can afford. For our solutions, this is hardly the case. We proudly offer aggressive pricing plans that cover even the most modest requirements. Our application targets a large array of use cases, from huge enterprise solutions for large companies, down to monthly visitor analysis for mom-and-pop retail stores.

Myth Three: You'll Be "Spying" on Customers

The protection of user privacy is always at the forefront of every business’s mind when it comes to using location data. While some might worry that using location intelligence is like “spying” on their customers, this is hardly the case. All of our products used anonymized location data from millions of smartphones. No personal or identifying data is ever  included in our output, only aggregate metrics that give the “big picture” of customer behavior.


While many customers have raw counts that provide some level of intelligence on where visitors come from and how loyal they are, they don’t provide the rich month-over-month trends and analytics that are available in AirSage’s Location Intelligence products. We also empower customers to study the visits and behaviors of competing or complementary areas, so you can contrast your performance and trends against other regions of interests or specific businesses.


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