March 15, 2022

5 Ways Transportation Planners Can Use Location Data

Location intelligence is a form of data that is becoming ever more increasingly valuable to businesses and the transportation industry is no exception to this rule. 

With a continually moving fleet, transportation analytics based on location data gives transport managers the tools that they need to attain greater control over their vehicle assets.  Knowing where your fleet is currently situated will improve decision-making and streamline business operations. 

Here are five ways transportation planners can use location data:

Improve Supply Chain Logistics

Wherever your transportation business sits within a supply chain, someone will be affected by your service. Whether you are directly servicing the final customer or you are delivering to suppliers, retailers, and manufacturers, people are waiting for your delivery. 

By using location intelligence, you will be able to make smart decisions about the quickest route that a driver can take, and you will be able to factor how it will be easy for the driver to access the final destination. This will allow you to give an accurate arrival time for all deliveries.

Use Location Data to Improve Control over Transportation Spending

By analyzing location data, transportation planners can see where mistakes are being made in terms of wasted journeys and delays. Location intelligence will allow transportation planners to reroute drivers to avoid problems on their journeys, such as heavy or static traffic, or road closures. 

Improved Route Planning

Are your vehicles taking the best route to their destination? And, is the route they are the most cost-effective. You not only have to think about how much having your driver wherever they are is costing, but you will also need to think of fuel-efficiency. 

By using advanced location data, you will be able to make better decisions about the routes that your drivers will take, meaning they avoid all of the traffic hotspots and lane closures. 

Improve the Reputation of Your Business

In a tough and competitive industry, you will have plenty of rivals who would happily steal your customers away from you if they could. Don’t give them the opportunity to do this.  Your customers are looking for efficient service from you—one which they can rely on to deliver as promised. 

Using location data, you will be able to improve the accuracy of your service. You’ll be able to provide clear information about delivery slots, meaning they can count on you to deliver the highest standard of service possible. 

You will be able to Offer a Cost-Effective Service

Not only will improved accuracy improve your brand image and help strengthen your relationship with your customers, but it will also be improved in other ways. 

The more efficient your transportation is on the roads, the more cost savings there will be. You’ll be saving time on your deliveries, while also reducing your fuel costs. These savings could be passed onto your customers to give your business that has an extra competitive edge.

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