November 24, 2022

How Location Data Insight Can Help Your Business

Location data insight can include multiple components. It can begin with gaining an understanding of supply chain - production and distribution of a commodity. Businesses should ask questions like: “Are my vendors and suppliers having employee attendance issues?”, “How and when should my raw materials get to my manufacturing facility?”, “When should my drivers leave our facility?”, and “With rising fuel costs, should my drivers take a longer but more reliable route?”. Next, location data insight can help answer important questions about your customers. You’ll be able to better answer questions like: “Where should I advertise for my product for the best reach?” and “Where do my potential customers live?”. But then businesses realize - these aren’t simple questions to answer, and they have no clue where to begin. Enter the world of insight garnered from location data. 

Answers to these questions aren’t coming from off-the-shelf platforms. Instead, specialized companies, like AirSage, provide bespoke output to help businesses better answer these critical questions. These questions can make or break a company’s quarterly earnings, or, more importantly, the company’s future. This is why it is important to work with data companies that understand your use case and your unique needs. They must be flexible to work within and complement your requirements. This will help provide your team with the tools you need to succeed.

In this blog post, we will present how insight from AirSage helps businesses improve their performance and profit.

Types of Location Data Solutions

There are various location data solutions offered by AirSage that help businesses better understand the key elements in their industry. Specifically, AirSage offers the following insight: 

Target Location Analytics (TLA)

AirSage’s Target Location Analytics (TLA) output allows users to see how attendance at points of interest (POIs) (i.e., factories, manufacturing facilities, retail establishments, and amusement parks) varies on a daily basis. They can also see whether new people start visiting the facilities on a regular basis. This insight is critical for better understanding whether your vendors and suppliers might be having issues with employee attendance or turnover. These types of staffing issues can cause delays with delivery or even quality issues of the materials and products that you need to conduct your business.

Activity Density (AD)

AirSage’s Activity Density (AD) output provides a heatmap for users to see the hotspots of activity in a study area, like a neighborhood or part of town. More specifically, a grid (i.e., 100-meters x 100-meters) is overlaid on the study area. The AD output correlates to those grid cells and presents the estimated number of people in each grid cell at hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. This insight is helpful to understand how activity levels change throughout the day, day-by-day, weekly, or even seasonally. This insight can help users determine the hours and days of the week they want to keep a restaurant open for business, or what areas of a region to invest in for their next site location.

Trip Matrices

AirSage’s trip matrix output is based on zonal structures that divide regions into smaller areas. These zones are often the size of a neighborhood, and the output includes an estimate of the number of people that make trips within and between each of the zones during a study period. Users can select their study period as a range of specific days (i.e., October 9th - 15th) or even groupings of days (i.e., all Tuesdays - Thursdays of a specific month). They can also have the output segmented by trip purposes, residency class, and home locations of trip makers.

AirSage has provided planners, engineers, and other professionals with location data insights for over 20 years. Their solutions team consists of urban and transportation planners, engineers, and data scientists - they understand your business problems.

AirSage's product line offers the most comprehensive and accurate insights into how people move across cities, regions, states, and the country. If you want to know more about location data insight, visit today! 


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